Monday, December 17, 2007

Shadows of Beauty

Well, I'm back. I've had a difficult year fighting the Fibromyalgia, but I'm still plugging away. I've been working as Uncle Billy in the French Lick Springs production of It's a Wonderful Life. Tech and production week has had me in French Lick, Indiana. One day we went to West Baden, famed for their mineral springs and about a 2 minute drive down the street. This is a shot of their enormous courtyard. Words and pictures can't do it justice. This is one of the most magnificent restorations I've ever seen. The mineral springs were very popular into the middle 20th century, and they restored and reopened, just like the French Lick Springs Resort and Casino. It has been a learning period. I learned that I can still do some of the things that I enjoy--if I'm careful. I also discovered that I need acupuncture every week or two to remain functional. I've learned that while I can perform, it takes a heavy toll and Matinee and evening performances are terribly draining. I've been offered an opportunity to direct and I hope that that will fare more easily on my system.

I'm excited to bring Sandie with me as we do our last two performances this week. I hope to have more photos to share. I like this image because amid the beauty there is still a sadness--I revel in the beauty, but I am touched a little by sadness, no matter what.

Hopefully I'll be popping these out daily with my new/old camera, which is all the camera I need. Now if I can just get a tripod--because I'm shakier than I used to be.