Friday, March 30, 2007


This little chick is ready for America's Next Top Model. Couldn't help but pose. Those of you watching Sandie's 365 Site will realize that the chickens came to roost today. It amazes me that such cute creatures eventually become chickens. So, we have 24 Chickens--we'll eat their eggs, but I don't know if I could eat one I've had as a pet--the idea doesn't sit well with me.

Green Fountain

I love Weeping Willows. A house down the street from my Dad landscaped and added two. While I was walking I caught this little guy shooting up like a fountain of green on the ridge.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Move now or be lost

Well, no deep thoughts to go with deep water. A storm blew through last night, and it left me swollen and sore this morning--air pressure is a killer. I had time between appointments today to check out the riverside and, as I suspected, it was swollen pretty well. Something about a "No Parking" sign nearly covered and washed away by the currents amused me. I hope folks were paying attention to the sign before the river rose. This is just below the flood wall near a dock for putting boats in the river. I played with the image to give the river a darker look, it was closer to grey than brown. If I were to give this a name, it would probably be "He Who Hesitates" or something along those lines. I may add another image from today later, but I wanted to get at least one up.

This did put in mind of when I was 5 or 6, when my Mother took me down to the floodwall. We climbed to the top and stood on the train tracks that sit there. Not long before, I watched them put the gates in place. From the top of the wall, you could reach down and touch the water--it was an amazing experience to look out where I had seen homes--I even knew some folks who lived on that side of the wall and see the river swollen to the top of it. In typical child fashion, I skipped a rock or three--or probably more.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


While picking up some prescriptions today, I noticed candle holders for sale at the pharmacy--pretty cool I thought. Bright and shiny--I've been feeling closer to shiny these days thanks to my accupuncturist and Chiropractor--that along with some herbal supplements have made a huge difference in my ability to do. (The nice weather has really helped as well, but what can you do about the weather).

New Home of Dirk365

Okay, because I've been unable to contact any human at Google, I've resorted to rebooting my Dirk365 site as Dirkus365. No one has called me Dirkus in years, but during High School and College Dirkus was commonly used as my nickname by those closest to me.

Anyway, this is just a "heads-up" post. I am working my way towards wellness, and hope to be posting again come tomorrow.

(At least now that I have a place to post)