Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Doll's House

We were running errands, I was along for the ride and took a few shots around the "Loop" in the Highlands. This was my favorite from an antique shop window. I have nothing deep to add--I've been a little more exhausted lately due to this cold snap (I think) and the stress of an insurance demand of an Independent Medical Exam by one of their doctors.

We had lunch at Dundee's Bar, but if we had been paying attention we would've realized a Noodle Bar opened recently with aq lovely selection of tea and Saki. It is Called "The Pink Door" and they actually invited me in. I, of course, felt guilty because I wasn't able to get anything after my huge pub-burger and Onion Rings (bad food for you--but oh, so good going down). Next time we splurge, we'll make sure to put "The Pink Door" on our "must visit" list.
Oh, BTW, it really does have a pink door:

Monday, April 9, 2007

Here is the Easter Altar pre-service. The palm cross, during the service is filled with flowers by the children of the church. It is close to a "High" service with brass, lots of extra music, and most especially, the Cantor gets a good work out. It is always special to me with the children waving banners, flowering the cross, and some of the best music of the year. Don't get me wrong, I can do a sparse service anytime and be completely fulfilled by it, but I enjoy the music in particular floats my boat in a big way.

Sandie was charged with bringing dessert to her Dad's and always outdoes herself. She enlisted Nathan in making this Chocolate mousse filled chocolate cake and chocolate eggs with cheesecake filling. Oddly enough, my favorite was the chocolate and white chocolate fudge (double-dipped) strawberries. The grass is edible coconut colored green.

A good, if exhausting day.

Friday, April 6, 2007

3 Days behind, but a picture from each

Nathan went over to help my Dad pour some concrete--here he patiently awaits having something to do. It actually brings back memories of my Dad's hurry-up-and-wait way of doing things. He wonders why I never learned to do some of these things. The answer is I never progressed beyond the standby-and-hand-him-tools stage of things.

Ancient churches putting the "Holy" in "Holy Week". The above is from Tennebrae--a beautiful service in which lights are extinguished until the church is dark, except for a single light. I love this service. It is probably as close to simple meditation as a large church gets.

Finally, last night we had our Agape meal and service. This includes the foot washing ceremony, and a reading of the Psalm 22. Very moving stuff if you're faithful and thoughtful. Sorry to be so brief, but this week is putting extra effort into testing my energy. It has been rough, and the weather turning cold again hasn't helped at all.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Palm Sunday

How interesting that our Palm Crosses are Ankhs. Here is mine from today. I made it through the whole service and coffee hour--even agreed to play some guitar on Good Friday for the stations of the cross. After I went home, I passed out for about 4 hours. Can't afford to get too cocky about this. I have a feeling that Holy week will test my improved but not great endurance.

Tribute to the Blue

Welcome to Wildcat Country, better known as my Dad's house. He has "been a fan since 1947" and has a passion for the team and the sport (basketball) I just never understood. Though we lived in Indiana (the unofficial basketball loving capital of the free world) we were "Kentucky Blue" around my house.
Basketball is an entirely different game now than it was prior to the 60's. The integration of African-Americans into the game changed the available tactics and game play (and truth to tell made it a more exciting game to watch). Their passion and creativity drove that game from a horizontal offense-defense to a game of vertical mastery, spectacular shooting, and simply amazing teamwork. In short, they changed it for the better. However, even with all of that, I'm still only marginally interested in the game. I admire the athleticism of the players, the quality of play, etc . . ., but I am a curious observer, not actually a fan.